Raspberry Cookies dense, pale green buds are thoroughly encrusted in shimmering white trichomes, with copious burnt orange hairs and occasional flecks of deep purple. An initial whiff of creamy shortbread tinged with sweet berry is soon overpowered by a pungent funk characteristic of OG Kush. That distinctive dankness becomes considerably more pronounced as the flower is broken apart, releasing a somewhat-skunky scent full of sharp lemon and pine with an undertone of diesel fuel. There’s a complex contrast of light, cheery sweetness alternating with astringent citrus and spicy soil. One moment, the taste is all buttery cookies and raspberry jam, with hints of mint and powdery floral perfume. Then the next puff puckers your lips with intense lemon and pine, followed by lingering earthiness. Immediate floaty head high, and an easy body relaxation.